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Rare Barrels. Crazy Beers. Monday Night Garage Club

The first time I saw anyone at Monday Night Brewing, it was in a garage. Specifically, Jonathan Baker’s garage.

For years, local Atlanta folks saw first hand, the making of a brewery. 31 gallons at a time on a Sabco set-up. In that garage, Drafty Kilt, and Eye Patch were born. Yeah, it took a little reigning in. Brewing, isn’t easy. Well… making a good beer isn’t easy. Fermenting alcohol is actually simple, if you don’t give a shit how it tastes. Monday Night cared from the beginning. Perhaps to an insane degree.

From that garage, the brewery started contract brewing, ultimately leading up to the necktie laden, multi-million dollar facility found on Atlanta’s Westside.

Now, ever so quietly. Every so discreetly. (Or perhaps not so discreetly) comes the Garage Club.

This is for the beer nerds as much as the beer loyal. You see, every single brewer needs fun time. Experiment time. Shits and giggles time. The problem is, those experiments, one-offs, and rare barrels can’t be produced in large quantities. Hell, it wouldn’t even make sense if you did.

Garage Club.

Two words for the resourceful. Two words for those that love Monday Night. But want more.

Monday Night’s crazy good hazelnut imperial stout, aged in rare Macallan 18 barrels. (We are drinking this beer now, and sipping as slow as possible because when this beer is gone, we will cry.) Quads in wine. Bourbon Drafty Kilt. You get the idea…

One-off beers, fun barrels, brewer experiments. These are the things Jonathan Baker spoke about with us this afternoon.

You can join too. That is… If you know how.