About Beer Street Journal

Six years ago, a Project Manager for Lafarge NA was sitting alone at a bar. He was becoming increasingly interested in the new emerging market of craft beer. At this bar, he witnessed another patron asking the bartender for a new beer suggestion. She offered several great craft beer options and the patron still proceeded to order a “light beer.” He then turned to the Project Manager and said “I don’t know what those are.”

The Project Manager sitting in that bar six years ago was Reid Ramsay. The conversation with that patron prompted Reid to start writing about craft beer, thus beginning the journey of Beer Street Journal. He realized that if you don’t take the time to educate consumers on craft beer, they won’t try something new.

Reid started writing original content about local Georgia breweries and within the first year, he had broadened his scope nationally and continues to expand his reach. Beer Street Journal has one of the largest online collections of original content dedicated to covering beer culture, education and the advancement of the craft beer industry.

The website is currently viewed in all 50 states daily, viewed in over 200 countries each month and has over 150,000 visitors each month. Additionally, Beer Street Journal has done professional beer collaborations with breweries such as Jailhouse Brewing Company and Lagunitas Brewing Company. Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon.


Beer Street Journal’s mission is to provide the world’s best original content for craft beer in order to enable category growth, engage a broader consumer base and promote better tasting beer for years to come.


  • Storyteller

    Beer Street Journal ensures that site visitors receive an unbiased educational platform for craft beer. Everything is written first hand by Reid and curated just for you.

  • Connector

    Beer Street Journal provides a channel between the craft beer industry and the consumer. It’s the only website that’s equally dedicated to connecting new beer drinkers to the craft beer industry as the most seasoned beer enthusiasts.

  • Drinker

    Reid has visited 500+ craft breweries over the last six years to provide site visitors with diverse, relevant and original content. Readers get to personally witness the passions of brewers all over the country come to fruition.