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Mikkeller Ages Funky E Star In Expensive Wine

Mikkeller is diversifying the Funky E Star lineup.  The Belgian strong pale looks to return as a wild ale (over the standard pale ale)  this time around, aged in Chardonnay.  Depicted above is the second in the series of new Funky Es, aged in Sauternes wine barrels.  Sauternes is a French sweet wine from the Satuernais region, near Bordeaux.  Sauternes wines are a blend of three grapes (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, & Muscadelle) infected with noble rot.  (Remember the recent Dogfish Head beer?)

Yet another expensive ingredient going into a Mikkeller beer, as Sauternes wines are pretty pricey due to the high cost of production.  Other high price ingredients include black truffles, and Kopi Luwak coffee.

Style: Wild Ale (Wine barrel aged)
Availability: 12.7 oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

9.39% ABV