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Magic Hat Graupel is a Humdinger

Magic Hat Graupel

Magic Hat Brewing Company is adding a third edition to the  Humdinger Series with Graupel.  Incoming science lesson.  Graupel is precipitation that occurs when supercooled droplets of water freeze on a falling snowflake

A Humdinger is a very special breed of Magic Hat. Sometimes in 750ml bottles, sometimes only on tap at the Artifactory, Humdingers appear when our brewers want them to appear. Beers like Braggot, Thumbsucker and Chaotic Chemistry are all of the Humdinger species. They’re of a single batch and are very limited. But it’s worth the suspense if you can get some on your tongue.

Style: Wheat Wine
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

10.8% ABV

First release in the series Over The Pils.  Graupel also joins Burnpile Porter.

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