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Hell’s Bells: Lost Abbey Track #3

Lost Abbey Track #3

The Lost Abbey releases Track #3 of their ongoing Ultimate Box Set this Saturday. The beer, shown briefly in this video, is a blend of two barrels of Mellow Yellow, and Phunky Duck (a base beer in the blend that becomes Duck Duck Gooze.

Liner Notes

The beer is a blend of some our favorite components. The clean lactic notes from Mellow Yellow combined with the heavier earthy twang we get from the Phunky Duck barrels. It’s a non fruited blond sour which if you take into account our successes with Isabelle, Cable Car and Duck Duck ought to be enough to have people lining up like it’s Black Friday in March.

The Album Art and Text

The majestic bell tower is all that remains of this Gothic cathedral. Somehow, it escaped the ravages of wars and continues to weather the centuries of neglect. Shrouded in a fog of mystical wonder, the Devil maintains it for his personal playground. At dusk, Lucifer emerges to dance between the shadows of a silvering moon as he returns to the bell tower launching a cadence for the newly departed. Gong… Gong… Gong echoes the bell in a Satanic trance as a chorus of bats take flight from the tower-like thunder consuming the silence. For centuries the nearby townspeople have tried to unravel the mysteries of the bell tower only being left to conclude it is haunted. For the wind, they cannot make a Bell Toll like that. But the Devil can and nightly he conducts a Requiem for the souls he has acquired. Shhh… Listen quietly! You can almost hear it now…

Style: American Wild Ale
Availability: 12.7 oz bottles. Sold for consumption on-premise only. $15 each.
Release: 3/17/12

7.55% ABV

Some notes on the release day:

Red Poppy will also be released on March 17, so we are doing things a bit differently.PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO.

  • Extended Tasting Room Hours: Because we are expecting larger than usual crowds (two releases and St Patrick’s Day), we will be opening our doors from 9am to 7pm. The MIHO Gastrotruck will be onsite with breakfast specials from 8am — 11am and a special lunch menu from 11am -7pm.
  • Beer Reservations: We know many will want both Track 3 and Red Poppy, so we will begin IDing and wristbanding people for the beers at 8am. If you arrive early (i.e., before 9am) to ensure you get bottles, please line up on the loading ramp leading into the tasting room. As with previous releases you will be able to pay in line and be issued a ticket/receipt that ensures your allotment.
  • Allotments and Restrictions:
    • Track 3 — As with all Box Set releases, the beers must be consumed on-site, same day. Bottles may not be carried out. The bottles are 375ml and are $15 each.
    • Red Poppy — As with past releases, Red Poppy is also 375ml bottles; $15 each with a six-bottle per patron limit.(Yes, you can take Red Poppy away with you).
  • Special Taps: Red Poppy will be on draft as 4-ounce tasters only. Tasters are $3 each.