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Lost Abbey Red Poppy 2011 Arrives

Red Poppy!  A Flanders-style red ale brewed with red cherries, and aged on French oak from The Lost Abbey has shipped.   Limited quantities arriving/ 0r headed to the 8 states Lost Abbey ships to.

Red Poppy release party in San Marcos took place on February 12.  If you are a fan of funky, sour fruity beers look no further. This highly rated little nugget of bottled joy might be a tad pricey ($15ish) dollars, but worth the experience.

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin
Taste Expectations:  Sour & funky! Cherries, tart. Oaky & woody.  Sour fan, go for this.
Availability: 375ml corked & caged bottles.  Draft in California only.

5.5% ABV