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Lo-Fi Brewing launches in Charleston in January

LO-Fi Brewing will be ready to pour in Charleston, South Carolina in January. LO-Fi is the vision of founder Jason Caughman, who is knee deep in test batches as you read this.

LO-FI Brewing is setting up shop in a former car dealership in North Charleston. The renovated building will house a 20-barrel (620 gallons per batch) custom brew house.

First brews include LO-Fi Lager, LO-Fi Blueberry Wheat, and LO-Fi IPA all available on draft initially.

“In today’s beer scene, you really don’t see many lagers around because they are a timely commitment and can be difficult to get just right. At LO-Fi, we’re putting an emphasis on the other half of the beer world that’s gone largely ignored in the craft beer boom,” – Jason Caughman

LO-FI has chosen Lee Distributors to bring their launch lineup to South Carolina’s low country. A tap room featuring the the brewery’s lineup, live music and more is planned in 2016 as well.

The brewery is located at 2038 Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina.