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Lincoln’s Beard Brewing buyout offer to AB-InBev

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Lately, Anheuser-Busch InBev has been doing some brewery buying. In December, the Belgium headquartered brewery conglomerate purchased Arizona’s Four Peaks Brewing, Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery, and Camden Town in London, England.

The soon-to-be open Miami, Florida Lincoln’s Beard Brewing turned the tables on AB-InBev my extending an offer for the world’s largest brewery. For the tidy sum of $26,000 dollars. We are pretty sure the the Anheuser-Busch executives won’t be accepting this offer anytime soon.

In the letter posted the the future brewery’s website, the founders layout their purchase intentions.

You see, we aren’t billionaires from a faceless, Belgium-headquartered behemoth…we are just regular ol’ Americans. We scrutinize every penny we spend and obsess over every decision we make. We live where we brew. We serve what we brew…with our own hands. We see the consequences of our actions, good or bad. We don’t just serve the community, we are the community. But don’t let us burden you with that.

Ultimately, the offer is a stab at Anheuser and some off the company’s business tactics, but hey- we all saw that Super Bowl commercial right? The full letter appears below.


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  1. There’s just so much richness here to love. Just another reason why I love this industry and what they stand for and want to produce.

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