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LeBron James isn’t happy with Great Lakes Brewing

LeBron James beer incident

It’s been a tough week for American beer. One of the biggest up and coming sour breweries sells to Anheuser-Busch, and another finds themselves at odds with basketball legend LeBron James.

TheĀ little debacle started after James missed a layup after being fouled in Game 1 of the NBA Semifinals. In a few short steps, James found himself eye to eye with the beer vendor and jokingly took the beer out of her hand and almost drank it.

The beer? Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold. If you are the brewery’s owner, social media manager, or even the brewer’s grandmother, it would be hard not to tweet out a picture of LeBron James holding your beer. That’s exactly what Great Lakes did the next day, along with offering discounts on Gold at the pub. (Side note: Great Lakes also made a beer called ‘Quitness‘ when he departed the Cavaliers a few years back).

A source with Great Lakes that didn’t want to be named mentioned that those tweets got James and his legal team in a huff, citing NBA players cannot endorse alcohol and that they are trying to benefit off of his actions. In our minds, he’s the one that picked up the bottle. Great Lakes just took advantage of the opportunity.

Great Lakes has since deleted the tweets referencing the “beer incident”.

Also, LeBron James isn’t a beer guy. In the press conference post game, he said “I’m not much of a beer guy. If she had some red wine, I probably would have took a sip.”

Image: Via screenshot/TNT