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Lagunitas “Day Time IPA” Headed to Year Round Next Year

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Lagunita’s Founder Tony Magee is just about ready to make Daytime IPA a year round offering. Interestingly, the first year round offerings of DayTime will come from the new Chicago location. Looks like first quarter, 2014 for this beer to truly make its way to all of the Lagunitas markets.

The IPA sold out quickly when it was released nearly a year ago. Magee said on Twitter yesterday that DayTime will be released after the hop harvest and the fermentation cellar is in place in Chicago. The original Petaluma location is maxed.

Style: American IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: 2014 (Second time, Year round)

4.9% ABV 



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  1. Actually, his Twitter said Chicago will be the first market that DayTime will hit … it’s being brewed right now in Petaluma and will hit ChiTown September-ish. It’s the rest of the country that’ll have to wait for DayTime due to the coming hop harvest / fermentation cellar. Cheers!

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