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A Barrel Aged Labatt Beer?

You read that right. Labatt Bourbon Barrel Ale. A little out of character for the Canadian brewery right?

Bourbon Barrel Ale is described as “ale with bourbon barrel staves with natural flavors added. Part of a new Prohibition Series.

12oz bottles for this new Labatt. More to follow…

6 thoughts on “A Barrel Aged Labatt Beer?

  1. curious that it’s a US product (Rochester NY) but would try it at any rate.. do you know if it will be available in Canada?

  2. i’d don’t join discussion groups,but had to state my case on this,the worst beer i have ever drank…except for a cranberry lambic,wich really cant be called beer.stay away,save your money.or if you want, try their apple harvest,much better.

  3. I was totally disappointed that this would be called a bourbon barrel beer. It’s a embarrassment that this is even considered a bourbon barrel.. Other then it’s flowery smell and light colored ale, its all thumbs down for this beer.

    I beer snob who will stay away from this beer. Shame on làbatts for making an inferior ale.

  4. Tasted like perfumed varnish. Appalling stuff. Our well water tastes better than this rubbish.

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