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Kona Announces 24 oz Longboards

Get ready for 24 ounces of craft brewed deliciousness. Kona Brewing Company has announced that they will be launching 24oz cans of their flagship Longboard Island Lager. Only a handful of breweries are using the 24 oz option. The cans will launch on the West Coast initially to select locations such as sports stadiums and convenience stores and will expand to full distribution throughout 2013.

“As our beer becomes more widely available throughout the US and abroad, these new packaging offerings allow us to introduce more new drinking occasions for the craft beer lover. The 24-ounce can is so versatile; Crack one open for pau hana after a long day or with friends at the beach or pool.”

Style: Lager
Availability: 24oz cans, 12oz cans, 12oz bottles, Draft. Year round.

4.6% ABV