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Kansas City Finally Gets Some Chocolate Ale

It’s been noted in numerous forums/FB/Twitter that Kansas City, Missouri (home of Boulevard) has yet to get Chocolate Ale.  Well, there’s a reason for that.   Logistics.  Deliveries of the highly sought after Chocolate Ale are occurring as you read this.

The target date to have Chocolate on shelves everywhere, it had to be shipped to places outside of Kansas City first. It’s simply logistics schedules.

Why is Kansas City not first on the list? After Chocolate Ale began showing up on store shelves outside of Kansas City, many of you began openly wondering, “Where’s ours?” As we’ve explained previously, many of our wholesalers pick up beer from our warehouse only once or twice a month. In order for them to have the beer to sell on our target release date of February 1, all of them had to get it in January, so we began shipping it shortly after the first of the year. Because our wholesalers are independent businesses, the amount of control we are able to exercise over when they deliver a particular product to retailers is limited. We will, however, be taking a long, hard look at this for 2013, and will attempt to apply some of the lessons we’ve learned this year.

Boulevard publicly addresses thoughts on pricing, quantity, & more for those interested in the talk surrounding this beer [Boulevard]