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Cigar City Kalevipoeg Meets Bourbon Barrels

“Quickly came the man of wisdom who should charm the blood from flowing and should still the pain by magic. Flow thou not, O blood, like water; still thee, blood, of life the honey; wherefore thus they source o’erfowing, breaking thus the bonds that hold thee? Let the blood as stone be hardened, firm as oak-tree let it stiffen; in the stone-like veins around it, let the blood be stanched O Taara!”

It’s back, and better than ever! Cigar City’s Kaleviopoeg is set to return standing at the gates of hell. Aged in bourbon. Ready to go down fighting. Kaleviopeog translates to Kalev’s son and refers to an epic poem from Estonia about a giant that helped form the lands and battled giants from other neighboring countries. Baltic Porters hail from Estonia and other countries in the Baltic region of Europe. We’ll be waiting patiently for the launch date as it hangs out in bourbon barrels for awhile. Look for Kalevipoeg at the Gates of Hell this year.

Style: Baltic Porter (Barrel Aged, Bourbon)
Availability: 750mL bottles
Arrival: TBA

??% ABV


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