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John Courage Officially Back On Shelves

John Courage BottleJohn Courage Russian Imperial Stout was once an iconic imperial stout, brewed by Wells & Young.  The original brewing of Courage goes back Thrale’s Anchor Brewery – for Catherine II of Russia.  From there, the beer was brewed by Barclay Perkins, then Courage by 1950.  Courage Brewery closed in 1982, but brewed under new owner ship until it’s ultimate demise in 1993.

Wells and Young bought Courage in 2007 – and ironically, Jim Robertson was the last person to brew the stout when it was STILL in production.  A no brainer to revive this beer.  And so it was – in May, 2011.  From the ashes, new batches of John Courage Russian Imperial Stout found it’s way into American glasses at GABF this year.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout
Availability: 9.29oz bottles. 1,000 cases in U.S.  Annual brew.
Cellar: Up to 13 years

10% ABV

pic: @aleyeahbeer 

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