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Jester King begins farming on 58 acres [Gallery]

Earlier this year, Jester King Brewery (Austin, Texas) announced they had purchased 58 acres of land around the brewery for land preservation. As of this spring, the brewery is farming said land.

To date, the brewery has planted plum and peach trees, blackberry bushes, and a melon patch. Additionally, the brewery has planted a test plot of wheat, in hopes of being able to one day grow the grains (and fruits) used in the brewery’s beers.

Jester King is very tied to the local terroir, using wild caught yeast and bacteria to ferment their expansive wild and sour lineup of beers. The logical next step is growing the fruits, vegetables and grains for future releases.

Work is already being done to maintain an avoidance of unnatural fertilizers and pesticides, as well has efficient irrigation systems.

Images in the below gallery are shared via Jester King.

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