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Jailhouse Reprieve Arrives

Jailhouse Brewing has released the first beer in their “Trustees Series” – Reprieve.  The Trustees Series will feature seasonals, 4 in all. Smokey Wheat will be joining the series, including a new one called Conjugal Visit, slated for summer.

Brewed with 100% floor malted grain this is a single malt, single hop, beer made in the French Saison style.

Reprieve will be a light, refreshing, beer with complex aromas and a nice malt character. Targeted to be a sessionable beer to enjoy while relaxing in the comforts of spring weather. A Reprieve from the cold if you will.

Style: Saison

Taste Expectations:  Light citrus aroma, with a dry finish.  Vinious tart finish, spicy notes. Bright & easy drinking.

Availability: 22oz bombers, draft. Limited seasonal release.

6% ABV

Photo: @AleYeahBeer

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