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It’s Officially Gnome Week, Time For A Tiny Toast

Brasserie D’Achouffe celebrates 6,666th anniversary with Gnome Week.  Huh? I’m getting there.  You’ve seen the Chouffe gnomes right? The goes – 6,666 years ago, a village of gnomes were found in magical water in Belgium they were using to make beer.  In 1982, the last surviving gnome past the secret recipe on to two aspiring Belgian brewers, giving birth to Brasserie D’ Achouffe.

Starting today and running through Saturday, the brewery is celebrating – along with Belgian beer fans nationwide. Each day marks a special milestone for the brewery, culminating in the world’s smallest toast on Saturday. Head over to a bar in your state running the smallest toast for little glasses, gnome hats, & more. Also, check out Chouffe’s Gnome Week App in iTunes.  [List Of Gnome Friendly Bars]

.       Wednesday, June 6th: 6,666 Anniversary
.       Thursday, June 7th: Bier De Soleil Tasting
.       Friday, June 8th: Gnomegang Tasting
.       Saturday, June 9th: The World’s Smallest Toast

The smallest toast features a tiny pint glass. Perfect for the tiniest toast on Saturday.
“Gnome Thyself” by putting yourself in one La Chouffe’s gnome photographs.

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  1. Hello,

    I am collector of coasters and mini glasses of Belgian Breweries.

    Do you know how i can get (i am willing to pay for it) the tiny
    Chouffe mug and tiny coasters for my collection? Or where can get the
    box La Chouffe Gnome week as above here?

    Best regards

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