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Introducing – Beer Here Brewery

Beer Here Brewery

Sneaking into Atlanta today are are couple of offerings from a little known Danish Brewery called “Beer Here.” Beer Here hasn’t been in the U.S. long — first launch in August of this year.  Since so little is known about this brewer, it’s arrival in Georgia isn’t with much pomp and circumstance.

Beer Here is the result of Danish brewer Christian Skovdal Andersen’s brewing adventures beginning in 2004.  Christian and partner started Olfabrikken Brewing, which translates to “The Beer Factory.”  Before long, Christian and his partner went their separate ways, allowing him to found Beer Here Brewery.

In this initial offering,  you will find 2 beers – Dark Hops, and Morke.

Dark Hops is an American Strong Ale, black and hoppy.  Beer Here brewed Dark Hops almost solely for the American market.  Dark Hops is brewed with  Maris Otter Malt, Brittish Malts, and sugar cane.  Hops include Zeus, and Saaz hops.  It weighs in at 8.5% ABV.  Dark Hops is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and can cellar 3-5 years.

“Dark Hops is a very black beer at 8.5% with one foot firmly planted in stout world and another in India Pale Ale universe.Despite the name, there is nothing covert in this beer is brewed in the finest British Maris Otter malt, roasted barley and juicy Zeus and Saaz hops.”– Christian Anderson

Morke is a Pumpernickel Porter.  Ingredients include water, barley, rye, spices, sugar, hops, yeast.  Morke is a little less alcoholic, at 7.5% ABV.

“The idea behind “Dark” has emerged from my desire to create a beer that has the same qualities as the dark, savory and sweet pumpernickel rye. It is brewed with a particular malted rye, dark sugar and fennel seed and only mild hops.- Christian Anderson

Beer Here’s Slogan?  “Do not waste your thirst.”

UPDATE – Bought the 1st bottles at Hop City.    Dark Hops – 6.99  Morke – 6.99

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