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Heavy Seas CrossBones Session IPA Launches in January

Heavy Seas Cross Bones 12oz Cans

One of the fastest growing styles in craft beer right now? Lower alcohol by volume (ABV) IPAs aka or “session IPAs.” Beer folks love their hops. Beer folks love to drink more, and longer. For that, there is Heavy Seas CrossBones Session IPA.

Heavy Seas CrossBones is session India pale ale joining the brewery’s lineup to kick off the new year. Built on the principle of full flavored, hoppy beer, with less booze.

Full on hop aroma with surprising rich mouthfeel, this 4.5% ABV Session IPA delivers a broadside of flavor without getting your powder wet!

Heavy Seas CrossBones Session IPA is now available in 12oz bottles, and draft. There is also artwork for 12oz cans, although the brewery has not officially announced the offering in aluminum yet.

Style: IPA
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. 12oz Cans.
Released: January, 2015.