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Harp Shandy Officially Launches (In 2 Places)

Another appears in 2012.  The blend of lager and lemonade is gaining in popularity, especially as summer creeps in.  The brewery mixed Harp and lemonade to create this offering.  Here’s the kicker.  It officially launched this week in a mere 2 markets.  Atlanta, and coastal Rhode Island.  (No joke.)

Born in the pub and brewed for summer, HARP Lemon Shandy is inspired by how the Irish always squeeze the most out of summer.

In Ireland, summer is fleeting, so the Irish savor every moment.  During the summer months, they call for a HARP® Lemon Shandy Aroma — Bouquet of fresh citrus, laced with notes of candied lemon zest Flavor: A perfect balance of sweet and sourness, as one would expect from lemonade, preps the palate for bright lemon and citrus followed by a subdued malt character and pleasant bitter hop finish…like the authentic pub mix of lager and lemonade!

Style: Shandy

4.2%ABV, 18 IBU