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Half Acre Brings You A Ghostly Brew

The legend? Flashback to StickyFat that Half Acre Beer Company released earlier this month.  Legend has it that the StickyFat Bear feeds on the ooey-gooey goodness that comes from freshly picked hop cones.  One day Coney Bottoms, a hop farmer, met the StickyFat Bear face to face in the hop fields and it did not end well for Coney.  Now his ghost, dubbed Mr. Ouroboros, haunts the hop fields each cycle.

The beer?  Mr. Ouroboros is an Americo-German Pale Ale brewed in conjunction with Pierce Brewpub’s Jonathan Cutler.  As the follow up beer to StickyFat, it too is a wet hopped beer brewed with lots of fresh, whole citra hop cones.  A kolsch yeast strain was used.

Style: Americo-German Pale Ale
Availability: Draft/Growler only
Arrival: TBD


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