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Guinness Perfect Pour Contest 2012 Atlanta [Pics]

Last night was rowdy, to say the least.  Where did I spend my evening?  At the 2012 Atlanta Guinness Perfect Pour Con  Competitors from some of the city’s best bars came out to compete, in a bracketed, single-elimination style Guinness pour-off.  Bartenders were dropped 2 per round due to “pour fouls” like overflowing pour, excessive bubbles, too much head, not enough, or getting taps caught in the pour.  Two expert judges scrutinized each pint, eliminating those little screw-ups that keep that Guinness pint from looking its best.  Hi five to everyone moving slowly after a night of Guinness & car bombs.

Competitors included:  Tilted Kilt, Pub 71, Donovan’s, Ri Ra, Taco Mac, The Fred Bar, Cheeky, Limerick Junction, Olde Town Tavern, Meehan’s, Old Blind Dog, Fado, Wild Wing, Padriac’s, The Nook, Stout, Buckhead Saloon, Tap, & more…   The 2012 winner?  Ri Ra!  Below are pics from the event.