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Guinness Irish Wheat launches in Brewer’s Project Series

Guinness Irish Wheat bottle

Guinness Irish Wheat is available nationally this month, part of the brewery’s ongoing Brewer’s Project Series.

A departure from the stout that is synonymous with the name Guinness, the lineup has been home to Rye Pale Ale, and Antwerpen Stout recently.

The recipe is mainly comprised wheat harvested from the southern part of Ireland, plus a touch of stout malt. Guinness Irish Wheat and their Stout share the same yeast. The Irish Wheat is fermented at a higher temperature, which gives off clove and banana esters.

Guinness brewer Jasmin Winterer originally hails from Germany, home of the hefeweizen. The style is very prevalent in her creation; full of citrus and banana.

 “I wanted to help create the best wheat beer outside of Germany,” The style is familiar, but if you look closer, you’ll see how we made it distinctly Guinness – this beer uses 100% wheat sourced in Ireland and the very same yeast that goes into our world famous stout.” Jasmin Winterer, Guinness Brewer

Guinness Irish Wheat can be found nationally starting in April, in 11.2 ounce, six pack bottles. ERP $9.99.

Style: Wheat Ale
Hops: Mount Hood, Amarillo
Malt: Irish Wheat, Stout Malt

Availability: 11.2oz Bottles
Debut: April, 2017

5.3% ABV, 21 IBUs