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Green Flash Releasing Round 2 of Barrel Aged Silva Stout

Green Flash will release the second round of  (Barrel Aged) Silva Stout on January 28th. Named for brewmaster Chuck Silva, his stout is an imperial stout aged 17 months in bourbon barrels.

Aging a minimum of 17 months in Bourbon Barrels transforms our Double Stout into a barrel-aged gem. Upon pouring, a black brew emerges with dark brown beer foam and the aromatics of dark chocolate covered bourbon cherries (if such a thing exists). The aromas carry through to the flavor, bourbon barrel enhanced stout having hints of cherry, vanilla, oak, dark chocolate, coffee, and roast barley. A full but not too heavy a body holds it all together for an elegant or even “Imperial” drinking experience. 
Those in the area of Vista, California, look for a release party from 6-9 pm on 1/28.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 12oz bottles
Arrival: 1/28/13

10.1% ABV 

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  1. Love Green Flash, but F me if this BA trend isn’t becoming old. It’s like no breweries can think beyond BA stouts.

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