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Goose Island Chateau Noir Imperial Stout, a bottle potential

Goose Island Chateau Noir Imperial Stout

Goose Island Chateau Noir Imperial Stout is potentially on the horizon by the Chicago, Illinois brewery.

Barrel aged releases are the among the most sought after Goose Island beers. Goose Island Chateau Noir is an imperial stout, aged in Cabernet barrels for 14 months.

Dried fruit aromas and vanilla and currant tones frame the flavors of Chateau Noir. This Imperial Stout balances malty sweetness with wine-like tannins and acidity imparted by Cabernet barrels.

Goose Island Chateau Noir will be bottled in 16.9 ounce bottles (much like the Bourbon County Brand Stout). The brewery has not yet announced this beer.

Style: Imperial Stout (Wine Barrel Aged.)
Availability: 16.9 oz Bottles
Release: TBA

12% ABV

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