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Garrett Oliver Sees Taste Change In Drinkers

Via CraftBeer Business Daily, Garrett Oliver sees a taste change in the drinker…

Garrett Oliver says it means craft’s unprecedented arrival into the mainstream: “not causatory, but a harbinger of that,” and not terribly different from how people’s palates shifted toward salsa from ketchup in the 1990s, seemingly overnight. “Ketchup had been the main condiment in the United States, and one day, suddenly, salsa takes over and nobody really notices,” Garrett says. “The world kind of moves along and things get spicier. It’s kind of the way it is with craft beer. When you go to your average deli in Williamsburg, and you see 200 beers in there; 15 years ago that would have been a specialty shop.

Perhaps there is a correlation to losses experienced by big beer.  RE: Beers People Aren’t Drinking