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Who’s Behind Frank Thomas Big Hurt Beer?

Anybody who is familiar with baseball has heard of Frank Thomas aka “The Big Hurt.”    The legendary Chicago White Sox player saw his number retired last year (35).  In 2010, Thomas was approached by a some “beer executives” inquiring about using his name to brand a beer.  Hey, who doesn’t want something named after them right?

So  that leaves a series of questions.  Who is brewing it? What style of beer is it? Where  will it be sold? etc.  The goal of BSJ is get the info you need so you can get back to drinking.  Here’s the breakdown.

Who’s Brewing It?  Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin is the brewer.  (Not brewed in Chi-Town)

Who are the Beer Executives?  The .com site was registered by in July, a marketing firm based in Nashville for professional athletes.  The .net was registered by Jeff Moses, who owns MBF Productions a parent company for Night That Never Ends, that produces beer festivals.

Beer Style:  A lager, 7% ABV
Availability: Draft & Cans
Sales Area: Bars in Chicago

Quote from Frank Thomas via ESPN:

“It’s a very crisp lager, and it’s very, very tasty. I would not put my name on anything that doesn’t taste good,”