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Founder’s Brewing to Launch in Atlanta!

Founders Brewing is coming to Georgia.  ETA? January.    Founders  hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan — founded in 1997.

It all started in a beat up college rental house in chilly Michigan back in 1990.   Mike Stevens & Dave Engbers were self involved in the search for what to do with their lives after graduation.   Inevitably, the idea to start a brewery came up.  Even though Mike & Dave ended up with full time jobs after college, they took up home brewing as a hobby.

The next step was an obvious one.  Neither Mike nor Dave were very fulfilled with their work situations.  (Been there, done that.)  Realizing their passion for beer, the foray into brewing began.  It wasn’t easy to begin, especially because neither individual had ever taken a business class.

First step of course was finding a location — A beat up, vandalized old building that had been vacant for many years.   It took a year’s worth of construction to make the building inhabitable, and shortly after, brewing commenced.   The first few years were rough.  They struggled, and nearly went under.  As Founder’s describes it — “The initial beers were well balanced, but unremarkable. “  A decision had to be made, push forward or fold.

Obviously they pushed forward, and this time around decided to push the envelope a bit more with their brews.  That meant increased complexity, and fuller, bigger, bolder flavors.  Traditional brewing was soon behind them, and the challenge to the main stream brewing was extended.  Each brew pushed the pushing further than the one before.

In 2007, a new facility was constructed near the original.  The new facility allows for expansion and growth as the Founder’s fan base grows.  Thus, allowing them to expand into Atlanta.   Founders Brewing has a great lineup of brews — one of the more popular (and very tasty) is the Breakfast Stout.

A full lineup of launch beers with descriptions will be posted once the final list is decided.  In the meantime, get exciting for Breakfast Stout — a personal favorite.


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