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Fonta Flora Sun Gold joins “Grisette” series

Fonta Flora Sun Gold

Fonta Flora Sun Gold will join Land Trust Saison in a dual release on January 16th.

Subtitled “Appalachian grisette”, Fonta Flora Sun Gold is features River Bend Malt, and local, raw, sun gold spelt from Red Tail Grains of Efland, NC. Part of the brewery’s ongoing grisette series.

This beer is part of our Grisette series that features a unique heritage grain. Much like Bloody Butcher, Sun Gold is bone dry, effervescent, rustic and tart. 

Fonta Flora Sun Gold, Land Trust, plus one more beer, debut on at the brewery on January 16th.

Style: Grisette
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: 1/16/16

4.8% ABV