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Flying Dog Collaborates With Brewer’s Art

Flying Dog Brewing is creating a special collaboration with Brewer’s Art.  Brewer’s is a microbrewery and restaurant based in Baltimore, MD.  Brewer’s keeps around 4 beers on tap year round, and has a over 20 seasonals.

The collaboration is called “Table For Two.”  Designed to be a Belgian style table beer.  Table beers were an essential part of Belgian culture for a long time before going out of style.  Table beers were even given to school kids with their lunches, as it was healthier than sugary drinks.  A table beer was very low alcohol, in the 1%-2% range.  The beer is much higher in abv, clocking in at 5%.  As the label suggests, this beer is also brewed with honey.

Availability: Unknown. Speculation: Sold in the restaurant @ Brewer’s Art. Not far out of MD. 12oz bottles.

5% ABV