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First Canned Beer Sold Jan 24, 1935

If you are Oskar Blues, Surly, or 21st Amendment Brewing (just to name a few) or any beer drinker that has ever drank a beer from a can, today is a big day for you.   The first beer in a can was sold on this day in 1935.  The American Can Company manufactured the cans that Gottfried Kruger Brewing Company ordered to can “Krueger’s Finest Beer & “Cream Ale”.  The brewery was based in Richmond, Va.

Few Facts:
– The first attempted at canning actually started in 1909.  The first attempts were unsuccessful due to pressure and sealing issues.
– Prohibition in the United States (aka The Dark Times) prevented American Can from attempting again until repeal – 1933
– As crazy as it sounds now, the sale of beer in cans wasn’t easy.  Adoption took time.
– Krueger’s canned beer became popular very fast once the idea took off.
– Schlitz, Pabst, Stroh’s & Anheuser-Busch lost market share due to Gottfried Krueger’s cans – so started canning also.
– According to the Brewer’s Association, canned beer accounts for more than 50% of beer sold in the states.

Here at the start of 2015, dozens of craft brewers are adding cans to their lineup. (Lonerider in North Carolina dropped bottles completely for cans.)

Happy Birthday beer can. Thanks for always being full.

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