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Evil Twin Plans Christmas Beers

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Dear friends!

Since I’m not a fan of the common dark, spicy and often over sweet x-mas beer, I’m planning to release 3 different uncommon christmas beers for the 2011 edition of these over-hyped holidays.

’Before, During and After Christmas Beer’ – a 8% dry and crisp double IPA (brewed at Fanø, released all year)
’Christmas Eve at a New York City Hotel Room’ – a 10% classic imperial stout (brewed at De Molen – new recipe this year)


Soft Dookie (aka Soft DK) Special Holiday Edition…..


With Soft Dookie Special Holiday Edition I plan to take away the vanilla and add something else…..but what? Please share suggestions, everything that is buyable and addable to beer is possible, so dont hold yourself back. Don’t think christmas, think flavor and aroma and think BIG!

If you can come up with a cool, funky, stupid name as well, throw it at me, I might even use it 

Thanks and cheers!
Evil Twin Brewing

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