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Evil Twin cans Even More Jesus & Biscotti Break

Evil Twin Brewing is upping their can game with Even More Jesus and Imperial Biscotti Break.

Both dark (and strong for that matter) beers have become cult favorites over the past few years. Putting them in cans? Why the F not right?

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break is an imperial stout brewed with coffee beans (among other things), in 16 ounce cans.

Even More Jesus is an big 10% imperial stout, also in 16 ounce cans.

Distribution is through 10 Percent Imports out of Brooklyn, New York.

2 thoughts on “Evil Twin cans Even More Jesus & Biscotti Break

  1. Awesome! These are so overpriced in their current format that I can’t even complete this sentence. Hopefully we’ll see less shelf rot on these now. This is a brewery that needs to make less varieties of beer, but make them better, or at least the ones that people will buy. I don’t need a million different beers that suck; I would much rather have a million bottles of one good beer. Listen up Stillwater and Mikkeller. We have all fucked around with these expensive B-Rated beers, watched them plant themselves and root into beer shelves all over the country, now it’s time you get us back and make some tasty shit. Thank you for your patience.

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