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Eventide Highlander Debuts Next Week

Eventide Brewing (Atlanta, GA) releases Highlander Scotch Ale next week. The offering is a one-off seasonal, on tap as long as it lasts.

7 malts are used to create this wonderfully complex Strong Scotch Ale. Notes of caramel, toasted bread, honey, dark fruits, chocolate, and roasted coffee are all prevalent. Allow it to warm to cellar temperature to experience the full flavor profile. The sweetness is balanced by a hefty but not overwhelming bitterness. This beer is the perfect complement to the coming, cool fall weather.

Eventide Highlander will make a cellared return in the brewery’s tap room when it opens in 2015.

Style: Scotch Ale
Availability: Draft only

8.2% ABV

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  1. Heads up, I’m pretty sure the owners of Eventide were talking shit about BSJ at Sweetwater’s cask thing. Thought you should know before you waste time and energy on your site. They’re up Ale Sharpton’s ass anyway. Leave it for him.

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