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Esquire Names Top 9 “Session” Beers

Notch Session Ale

Just dropping the term “session” will cause a debate you won’t soon find the end to.   Is it 4%? 5%.  Bottom line, it’s not over 5% by any means. (Start the debate if you must.)  Esquire Magazine just dropped an impressive list of the Top 9 Session Beers.

The list includes:

Avery – Joe’s Pils, 4.7%

Surly – Bitter Brewer, 4.1%

21st Amendment – Bitter American, 4.4% (soon to be year round)

Half Acre – Gossamer Golden, 4.2%

Bell’s – Oarsman, 4%

Notch Brewing – Notch Session Pils, 4%

Schlafly – Kolsch, 4.8%

Liepziger Gose, 4.6%

That’s a damn fine list.  If I could do some honorable mentions, I would add

Narragansett’s Summer Ale, 4.2%.

New Glarus – Raspberry Tart, 4%.

Maui – Bikini Blonde Lager, 4.5%


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