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The Easy Way to Resolve Trademark Issues

Not every brewery resolves their differences this amicably. Perhaps a few could take a page out of this playbook.

Sixpoint Brewery (New York) and Stillmank Beer Co (Green Bay, WI) found themselves to have a beer with a similar name. ¬†Sixpoint created Lil’ ¬†Wisco, a beer named for a small strip of shops owned by Wisconsin owners near the brewery. (Brewery founder Shane Welch hails from Wisconsin.)

Stillmank Beer Co. sells a beer in Wisconsin called Wisco Disco.

All was good until Sixpoint distributed this draft only Lil’ Wisco to Wisconsin. Stillmank called with concerns about brand confusion.

In the end, Sixpoint decided to change the beer name to Lil’ Wisconsin. Boom, problem solved. No attorneys, cease & desist letters. Twitter battles. Facebook battles. Just high fives and pints all around.

Easy right? [Sixpoint]

One thought on “The Easy Way to Resolve Trademark Issues

  1. Of course its easy when its a limited draft beer, lets see what happens when Stillmank releases a beer with a similar names to one of Sixpoint’s core beers

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