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Dumbass Sells Pliny The Younger On Ebay

While Pliny the Elder is available in bottles, Pliny the Younger IS NOT!  It is a draft only, delicious offering by Russian River Brewing.

Recently, a bottle of Younger appeared on Ebay for sale.  Russian River got wind of it and had this to say:

We do not bottle this beer and we sold no containers to-go. How can this be? Well, someone was in our pub and smuggled it out via growler or canteen (people were caught trying to do this) and bottled it, then shipped it to New York. In which case the beer in the bottle will absolutely suck. They probably drank out of the glass before pouring it into their makeshift to-go container, too- yuk!. Or, perhaps, the contents of this bottle are someone’s homebrew or not even beer! They did not even bother to make a label!

You would be stupid to even attempt to buy this beer on Ebay.  This user’s name on Ebay that attempted this: eco-tees.  Commack, New York

Looks like the item has been taken down, and the user has change their city/state.  Hopefully no one fell prey to this idiot.

In other Pliny The Younger news, Pliny has official sold out.  Next brew 2012.  I’ll be there.