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Duclaw Anti Venom 4: Centennial

Duclaw Anti Venom 4 is releaseĀ is the fourth offering in the series. This variant is an IPA, hopped with Centennial hops, adding a citrus note to the beer.

Anti-Venom: Centennial, the newest variant in the Anti-Venom Series, is a medium-bodied, 7% abv IPA hopped solely with American Centennial, adding notes of grapefruit and lemon to the nose and palate, and giving the beer a crisp, clean, bitter finish. Anti-Venom: Centennial has arrived; experience the bite of the century.

Duclaw Anti Venom 4 releases alongide Devil’s Due, and X-8 on December 17th, 2014.

Style: IPA
Hops: Centennial

Arrival: 12/17/14

7% ABV

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