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Dry Neighborhood Approves Craft Only License

The East Village area of Chicago has approved a motion to allow alcohol sales in their previously dry community, but with one small catch.
In an attempt to control the clientele and ‘alcohol-related crimes,’ the area has approved a liquor license for the Garden Gourmet Market that allows only craft beer – prohibiting “hard liquor, ‘fortified wines’ such as Wild Irish Rose and Night Train, malt liquors such as Colt 45 and Cobra and ÔÇťother products that are intended to provide high alcohol content at a low price.” Only single servings of cans or bottles of beer produced by breweries defined as “craft brewers” by the Brewers Association can be sold. This is a huge step for the Chicago suburb and excellent recognition of the craft brewers and enthusiasts who continue to support craft beer as a more refined beverage choice.