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Drink A Beer For Michael Jackson, Who Would Have Turned 70 Today

If you love beer,  you are familiar with a different MJ.  Michael Jackson (The Beer Hunter) spent his live doing what most of us wish we could do for a living.  Drinking and writing about beer.  Born March 27, 1942 in England, Jackson became a journalist first writing about whiskey in Edinburgh, Scotland.   In 1977, he published the book The World Guide To Beer, putting his name on the beer map.  After the book, Jackson hosted a show called The Beer Hunter, airing in multiple countries including North America, the United Kingdom.

He spent the better part of 30 years drinking in virtually every country in the world, describing beer and their cultural contexts.  He past away at in August of 2007 at the age of 65.   A movie is in the works, celebrating Michael Jackson and his life.  Over 60 hours of footage was released by his estate.  The movie will premiere this fall.

Thanks for all the inspiration Michael.  Happy Birthday.