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Help Back “Beer Hunter” The Movie

A new project on Kickstarter is looking to bring The Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson back to life.

Beer Hunter: The Movie is a documentary film about the British journalist and author Michael Jackson, who’s books and television series about beer inspired the global phenomenon that is the craft brewing renaissance. An intimate portrait based on over 60 hours of rare, recent video footage, Beer Hunter sheds insight into the life and contributions of this brilliant and beloved man, who, while quietly battling Parkinson’s, became the leading voice and inspiration behind the craft brewing movement. For those who had ever met Michael Jackson, or were deeply inspired by his work, it’s hard to imagine that he is no longer with us.

The producers have over 60 hours of unaired footage of Michael Jackson, after following him around the world.  With so many people just getting into drinking beer, it would be amazing to reintroduce the world to a beer drinking legend. [Kickstarter]