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Dos Equis Joining The “Rita” Scene

Anheuser-Busch’s “Rita” lineup has been very successful for the mega-brewery. Within 8 months of the Lime-a-Rita launch, A-B sold 500,000 barrels of the Bud Light Lime/ margarita mixed drink.

Dos Equis has taken notice of this success and is working on a beer/rita blend of their own. Dos-A- Rita might just raise the bar for this fusion drink, by taking Dos Equis lager and margarita with agave nectar (two Mexican favorites) into one package. Budweiser uses natural and artificial flavorings in the “Ritas” and not agave nectar like this new offering.

Handcrafted in Mexico, the Dos-A-Rita combines two traditional Mexican favorites: the Margarita and Dos Equis Lager. Sweetened with 100% Agave Nectar, this great tasting blend of authentic margarita flavors and lager makes a perfectly balanced and satisfying combination. Served cold over ice, it is the perfect compliment to a summer day or an interesting night.

Dos-A-Rita will be packaged in various sizes including a 24oz cans. The ABV is just a little lower than Budweiser’s, at 7.2% ABV. This is the first flavor from Dos Equis. There are soon to be four flavors of Lime-A-Rita.

Expect a massive marketing campaign to come.