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Dogfish Founder Brews High School Reunion Beer

Dogfish Head Northfield Mount Hermon

What do you do for a high school reunion when you own Dogfish Head? You brew a beer for it. Brewery founder Sam Calagione graduated from Northfiled Mount Hermon in Gill, Massachusetts in 1988. Brewed with local maple syrup. This sounds like a special occasion brew, so don’t go looking for it. Unless you’re at the reunion of course.

This ale is brewed in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Class of 1988. Probably the most awesome class of righteous human beings to come through NMH ever. 

Style:    (w/ Maple Syrup)
Availability: 12oz bottles. Limited/Special Occasion

6.2% ABV 

6 thoughts on “Dogfish Founder Brews High School Reunion Beer

  1. I went there in 1977 and have the same feeling. Luckily, I have some std Dogfish at home. A friend of mine went to the tasting last night and said it was great.

  2. 1993 Grad and HUGE lover of all things Dogfish (especially 60/90 minute)! I wonder if we could get an ‘alum’ order page going to feed all the thirsty Hoggers out there…

  3. Try and follow this story… I love great beer
    and as much as I love Vermont beer, I love beer no one else can get
    even MORE! A BIG thanks to Robert Dixon for graduating from Northfield
    Mount Hermon School 60 years ago, the same school that Dogfish Head Beer
    founder Sam Calagione graduated from 25 years ago… Thanks to Sam for
    bringing a special “exclusive” brew to NMH Alumni Weekend… and thanks to Dave Dixon
    (Mr. Dixon’s son) for showing his appreciation for me watching his sweet dog Gladys this weekend as he joined his dad at Alumni Weekend… SOMEHOW I ended up drinking this AMAZING elixir that only
    NMH Alumni, family and friends got to sample!

    • An amazing hoppy, smokey ale that had a very subtle “stout” profile… amazing!

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