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Dogfish Head Aprihop IPA

Dogfish Head Brewing’s most popular seasonal is back on the shelves and drinking QUITE nicely.  Aprihop is this tasty beer I speak of.   Aprihop is an American IPA with a twist — Apricots.

Some knee jerk reactions from some beer drinkers is NOT to drink fruity beers.  If you want to deny your palette of this beer, fine.  However, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Aprihop is a unique and tasty blend of IPA meets fruit.  Pilsner malts and crystal malts are used with Amarillo hops to create a tasty IPA base.  Apricots are then pureed  and added to the beer.

Why is this year drinking so well? Dogfish openly admits that Aprihop basically “got away” from them over the last few brewing runs.  The apricots and sweetness were becoming over accentuated and for the 2010 batch the fruit and sweetness were scaled back to its original recipe quantities.  With the sweetness lessened, Aprihop gets back to focusing on the hoppy, citrus vs. fruit balance.  Brewer/Founder Sam Calagione called Aprihop “A fruit beer for people who hate fruit beers.”  I think he accomplished it.


Hops — Amarillo

Malts — Crystal, Pilsner

Adjuncts – Fresh Apricots

Availability — March — May.  12oz/4pks, Draft Offerings

7% ABV

Fun Fact: Aprihop was first brewed in 1997