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Dogfish Alehouse Could Still Liable In Deadly Crash

JMGM Group LLC who runs Dogfish Ale House in Virginia,could still be held liable for a patron’s deadly crash.

In 2008, Michael D. Eaton who was 35 time, reportedly drank 17 beers and a couple of lemon drop shots, and drove home.  Eaton crashed into the back of another car on the road killing  a 10 year old.   He fled the scene and checked into a hotel for 12 hours prior to turning himself  in.  Eaton had priors for reckless driving, DUI, and weed possession.  He received 8 years in prison for the crash.

Why some states have laws against over serving patrons, Virginia does not.  However, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Eric M. Johnson will decide for a second time whether to send this case to trial (and set a precedent.)  The civil suit against the alehouse is to the tune of $3.5 million dollars.  Also, looking over previous articles, Eaton reportedly drank 17 coronas, 2 lemon drop shots, a tequila shot, and an appetizer over a number of hours.  No Dogfish Head beer. [Gazette]