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Dear Sam, Dear Jim.

Savor Flowers, a rare beer collaboration between Dogfish Head & Sam Adams will be making a debut at Savor in June.  (Most likely ONLY to Savor.)  There is a second edition of the label with some more wording.  It features a correspondence between Jim Koch & Sam Calagione.

I’m psyched! I love your idea of a collaboration beer for Savor! Can I throw out an idea to the get the process started?  We still have some of the original barrels from 1993/94 used for Samula Adams Triple Bock.  I think they were the first oak barrels used for beer with this barrel aging thing was just beginning.  I think it would be cool to use those same barrels for our collaboration.  We should think of something different to do with them this time around.  And maybe some other boundaries of brewing to mess with. Any thoughts? Just brew it! -Jim

Barrel one? High gravity flower tinctures? You’ve got some sweet tools in your brewer’s utility belt Jim.  As the Joker said of Batman, “Where does he get those wonderful toys!?”  Sounds like a great direction fro this recipe. I found some yummy rose syrup made with lemon juice and rose pedals in Turin, Italy.  I will send some up for you guys to play with in the lab.  I think we could add some in the whirl and it will marry-up to your muti-flower tincture in a sexy way down steam.  I like what you wrote about the power of the flowers Jim.  In fact, I suggest we simply call this beer Savor Flowers.  By interweaving the beer and event names we can drive home the point that craft beer and beautiful foods belong together. – Sam