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Deadly Earthquake Makes Hitachino’s 3 Days Beer

Right at the time Hitachino was mashing on March 11th, they there struck by a deadly earthquake.   The power outage caused the mashing process to be shutdown.  Over the course of the 3 days of the power being out, the mash started to naturally ferment.  Hitachino rolled with it, and bottled the beer.  Essentially – the earthquake made the beer.  By the looks of it – 3 Days is “Nest” and witbier, with a little different fermentation.

On 11 March 2011, a huge earthquake struck Japan and with it our brewery.  Some parts of the brewhouse were damaged, and the brewing tanks were left leaning at an angle. 

Completion of the typical mashing period had to be extended to three days until electricity to the brewery was restored.Natural fermentation had already started in the mash tun during these 3 days with lactic acid cultured in our brewery.  

This “3 Days” beer is limited to only 8,000 bottles. 

Style: Witbier, alternate fermentation

Availability: 18.6 oz

Limited to 8,000 bottles


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