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COMING SOON: SweetWater Border Hop-per Ale

.Remember when SweetWater Brewing tweeted about making a beer with citra hops??  The same awesome citra hops that got hop heads addicted to Terrapin’s “Hopzilla”?  Well we are weeks away from SweetWater’s latest Dank Tank release – “Border Hop-per Ale”

Style: Imperial IPA

Hops: Citra Hops from Yakima, Washington.

From the label:

“Buried under eight screaming babies, Sank CENSORED and his full-bodied wife Lupa’s constant nagging, CENSORED Dank CENSORED packed his CENSORED and headed CENSORED on his trusted CENSORED. Under the CENSORED and into CENSORED, they rode in search of the freshest hops in the world.

Seeing CENSORED Joe everywhere, CENSORED Dark CENSORED to the green hop fields of Yakima. As CENSORED Dank packed two CENSORED with fresh sticky Citra hops, the field was CENSORED. He fled to the barn, where he’s discovered farmer Ralph’s daughter tending to his smiling CENSORED. After a CENSORED, aiming to CENSORED, the CENSORED smoked him out. Quickly he and CENSORED giddied up with their score towards Atlanta and the promised lands of Buford Highway. Bone dry and bottomed out, he made it to SweetWater, hoping to deal his CENSORED for a CENSORED. Neither CENSORED nor his hop stash have been heard from since. Although, rumor has it that he has a job at a white house serving up his CENSORED, with full benefits, and a CENSORED allowance.”

Arrival: Mid – Late October, 2010.