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Cigar City Ponders Adding A Reserve Society

Probably one of the most “famous” reserve societies by a brewery in the United States is The Bruery’s Reserve Society. The Bruery just made an even bigger splash with plans to add an even more special, super, mega, ultra reserve society called “The Hoarder’s Society“. If you get invited to that, be prepared to drop nearly $700 dollars.

Cigar City Brewing is in the process of expanding their brewery and their tap room. In the process they just dropped another hint at something fairly important. The potential addition of their own Reserve Society. Nothing officially announced here, but Cigar City asks you to unscramble this:

To complicated for you? We get Reserve Society. Might make sense though, given the amount of rare releases by Cigar City. Hunaphu, Barrel Aged Hunahpu, Various barrel aged renditions, and experiments. It raises the question – Do you like the idea of Reserve/Brewery Membership societies?

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